Blog Awards and Envy

Stef brought up a very good point about online blog awards, competition, and popularity contests. Even though The Homeschool Post is hosting the annual blog awards this time of year, don’t let it overwhelm you. I know very well how it feels and if I wasn’t part of their team, I would be an emotional wreck. Competition and suspense kills me! If my blog was to qualify (team authors don’t qualify) I would ask for my blog not to be admitted into the nominations. I can’t stand it. I can’t even watch a football game or suspensful film without pulling my hair out. I know my limitations.

But I will be voting at The Homeschool Blog Awards and I did send in my nominations. It’s really a lot of fun, but in case you’re like me and you need some stability so this awards seasons doesn’t drive you up a wall, check out these articles below.

And for goodness sake’s, give yourself some grace.

Don’t Let Blogging Overwhelm You

If I Was a New Blogger Again

Competition Feeds Envy

Blog Envy

And a few words from some inspirational women…

About Discouragement by Stef Layton

Just Be Yourself by Dawn at TheMommaKnows

Six Things Every Christian Blogger Needs to Know by Ann Voskamp

A Blogger’s Prayer by Ann Voskamp

The Homeschool Blog Awards is meant to be fun, build community, connect with other homeschool bloggers, get a chance to win some prizes, and be introduced to some homeschool vendors.

In all things….grace.


  1. Great thoughts. Thank you so much for posting this!