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I’m still somewhat new to the community we moved to in February, so this is our first Christmas here and I don’t know enough people to have a Christmas party. So, I’m having a cyber Christmas celebration right here through the Carnival of Homeschooling. You won’t have to stand in lines at 3 am in the morning either! You can grab the original button or (use the one below) to put in your posts to invite your readers to join us. Please feel free to use the social media buttons to share through your favorite networks.

I’m not one to get caught up in the controversial ‘war on Christmas’ debate, but I do think Elena, at My Domestic Church, has something to be concerned about when her pro-gun article was rejected by a pro-homeschooling site. I don’t know about you, but some cities are just not safe enough to NOT be protected at all times. I hope Elena’s Christmas can be a as safe as mine will be magical.

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Speaking of magic, Annie Kate is pondering the dilemma of reading books that contain magic, such as Lord of the Rings. I understand, since there was a time I had warded off all things magical…until I could no longer justify avoiding Disneyland with the grandparents. So I looked to Jesus and he assured me of his grace and the wonder of magic during the Christmas season when we celebrate his birth.

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But before we dive into the magical festivities, lets get the education covered before we break for the holidays.

Liz shares her concerns about public school and why homeschooling has it’s perks. I spoke with a friend tonight (who is a public school teacher) and my heart goes out to the teachers who work long hours to grade papers and submit test scores…hours beyond what they’re paid to do. It seems public school is causing both students and teachers to suffer. In homeschooling, you can create smaller more achievable goals and be successful, just as the 7 Sisters! Chris has some tips too, like everyday-kind-of-homeschooling. That’s the kind of homeschooling I get excited about!

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I’m thankful to be able to homeschool and find resources online to help with various subjects including writing. Nebby asks, “What makes a good piece of writing? Maybe Nebby will find these writing tips, from Denise, to be helpful.

Along with writing, children may benefit from these reading readiness tips from Crystal. Reading magical stories during Christmas can be educational, just see this list of Advent literature shared by Rea at Heart of the Matter and Dee gives a few ideas for how to use literature to homeschool for the holidays.

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Along with reading, I make sure to keep my kids on track with Math, which is always a challenge to keep up with homeschooling during the holiday season, but here’s a wonderful way Denise inspires us to weave mathematics into our daily schedules.

There’s a lot to do before we can take a break for the fun stuff, but don’t get overwhelmed. Even Kim is super busy while working in her family time with their education this holiday season.

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Here are some tips from The Homeschool Village on avoiding burn out. And don’t forget these 4 ways to stay sane during the holidays from Karen Katherine at The Homeschool Classroom.

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When the kids are grown, they aren’t going to look back on writing or math lessons with fondness. They’re going to look back and embrace the wonderful memories they created during this joyful season. So be sure to keep the momentum of fun going!

Christy is cultivating memories through her advent and Jesse tree traditions. Mindy is sharing information and activities about various symbols of Christmas and how to incorporate learning and making memories and our dear Henry Cate shares what he calls a Christmas homeschool success story.

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Now here’s something truly fun, a list of heart warming ideas from Dawn (The Momma Knows) for your holiday season and various advent activities and recipes from the readers of The Homeschool Post.

Be sure to get your shopping done (like checking out these 10 educational games to consider putting under your tree) special thanks to Jamie, at Simple Homeschool, for putting that list together.
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Then you can create lasting memories by going caroling with your families. Here is a collection of Christmas carols to tell the story of Christmas, specially put together for you from Honey at Sunflower Schoolhouse.

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I hope you enjoyed this little Carnival of Christmas Homeschooling we brought to you this week.

All photos are from the leading family friendly photo community, Pix-O-Sphere. It’s free to join so click over and find out why this network will save you time and money so you can spend more time with your families.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Yule and any other holiday you might celebrate. *smiles*

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  1. What a beautful Carnival. There’s a lot to read here. Thanks so much for hosting!

  2. Thanks for hosting this weeks Coh

  3. Thank you for sharing your online Christmas celebration! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post this afternoon. ~> Public school is the reason why I Homeschool ( I feel for the teachers and students of public schools). I am really thankful I can Homeschool my children. There are just so many good free resources online( is a Great free site) , it easier than ever IMO to Homeschool nowadays.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  4. Beautiful!! What a lovely Carnival!


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