Christian Intimacy

One of the most glorious gifts we were given in marriage is physical intimacy. However, many times we see religious speakers minimizing and even hiding this from us. More Christian women are afraid of intimacy with their own husbands due to legalistic teaching that scares them into becoming prudes. I can’t tell you how many marriages I have seen break up over this one simple thing..a lack of intimacy.

Yet, intimacy in the bedroom is a topic that not many will speak openly about. It tends to be a hush-hush thing and many couples lack the basic knowledge of how their intimate parts work. There are several nerve endings in the body that enhance the love making time and do you know who put those nerve endings there? God did!

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There’s absolutely nothing sinful about researching intimacy to enhance your marriage. This doesn’t mean you have to look up p*rn or read dirty magazines. There are classy books that are written from a respectful perspective that you can glean from. The problem is that so many Christian women are ashamed to read such a book and they would kill their husbands if they ever even thought about getting a book like that. Listen my friends, there is nothing shameful about wanting to please your husband physically and teach him what pleases you. God gave you and your husband nerve endings under the skin that feel absolutely terrific when touched, blown on, and even licked.

Are you blushing yet? It’s ok! You are a woman and he is your man and you have the freedom to find out what makes things ‘work’ for both of you. Venturing out to the local bookstore may not be the place you feel most comfortable, since your neighbors, friends, and even church members shop at the same store. So go ahead and drive to another city and go find a book to help you. Yes, you will probably see book covers that you aren’t comfortable with, so don’t pick those books. But be prepared that as you research these things, you will read words and see diagrams that’ll make you blush. But that’s a good thing since it will get your mind wrapped around your husband. Women take longer to get in the mood and part of that is done in the brain. A woman who can’t stop thinking about the laundry pile long enough to get into the mood at night will put quite a damper on your marital intimacy.

I just can’t stress to you enough how perfectly acceptable it is that you find out how to be the most amazing intimate wife in the world for your man. God is not shocked that ‘this certain thing’ really makes him happy. He is not ashamed of you for doing ‘that one thing’ in the bedroom. The marriage bed is undefiled! He created both of you to feel that way for a reason. Making love can become an amazingly spiritual experience for a couple. You two are one and can enjoy being one.

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  1. Amen, Sister Lisa. So very true.

  2. I know that this topic causes a lot of consternation among Christians – but, you’re absolutely right that it doesn’t need to be treated as shameful. How can we expect our young people to wait for marriage if we act as if intimacy in marriage is also “dirty.” I remember seeing a book once by one of the guys that wrote the Left Behind Series called “The Marriage Bed” and from what I gathered, it looked like it handled the information in a very respectful – only slightly blush causing – way. :)

    • SisterLisa says:

      Yes, indeed. I think a lot of times, women are afraid to even talk about it between friends. I think they’re afraid of going ‘too far’ in a conversation about it. But if they can read about it and talk about it from a medical point of view, then it’s not so ’embarrassing’. But just don’t approach intimacy from a medical perspective with the husband..that makes it all too awkward. 😛