Hoping for a Magical Christmas

Around this time last year I was begging God to allow us to break free from our former community. During the month of December we sat among taped up boxes and ate off paper plates, in hopes we could pack up the moving truck any day. Now I sit here at my desk with a view of the Christmas tree in our new living room. Our girls did a great job hanging each ornament, draping red velvet ribbon around the tree, and setting up the Christmas village. We have most of the gifts already wrapped and nestled under the pine branches and although our house looks prepared for Christmas, something seems to be missing.

We’ve been so busy since we moved here in February that I haven’t really had a chance to nurture friendships like I have before. My closest friends live quite a distance from me, the closest one being just over an hour away. Everyone’s lives are so busy so we keep in touch through texting, phone calls, and Skype.  It’s just not the same as getting together for an ornament or cookie party. It’s not the same as getting together for a gift exchange while sipping our coffee.

Life with four kids and our own business keeps me pretty busy. I just haven’t had time to venture out a whole lot to establish friendships in town. Those I wish I could spend the holidays with live in Washington, Wisconsin, Maryland, Connecticut, Texas, Arizona, Australia, and a few scattered through California. It’s hard being away from loved ones this time of year.

The Internet is my window to the world and yet all too often the blogosphere seems noisy, yet silent at the same time. Tweets about discounts, blog posts about products, and Facebook mentions of Pinterest discoveries. Noisy, yet silent.

I hope to be able to witness something magical this holiday season. Something magical like this:

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  1. I’m so thankful for Skype! :) And praying you do have that magical Christmas… it probably won’t be what you are expecting but it will be what you need. *hugs*


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