Why Smart Entrepreneurs are Joining the Essential Oil Collaborative and the Idiots Just Heckle

The essential oil industry has made leaps and bounds over the last decade and with that growth came a lot of growing pains. Some pains so difficult to live with that some folks began amputating anyone who took sides in the war. Well, the companies ceased fire and asked their reps to do the same. Sadly, some people didn’t get the memo. On the other hand, some idiots did get the memo, but love war so much they refuse to put down the torches and pitchforks. The good thing is there are essential oil enthusiasts who are working on an essential oil collaborative and if you want the essential oil industry to grow and see people pursue and achieve wellness then you better get involved.

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Our group is unique and rare. Not many people are strong enough or mature enough to rise above the chaos and put forth the effort to transform an entire industry. It takes hard work and lets be honest, some people are just too lazy to fight the good fight and instead wallow in the mire with the critics. Misery loves company.

The Internet is the single most effective way to increase the information flow in our modern world. With the perfect combination of hard work, clever writing, and dedicated team work, we have created a collaborative that is going to take this world by storm. If you’re smart, you’ll get involved now and show the world, your readers, and consumers that you’re a key player in paving the way for higher quality of essential oils, better education, and a solid industry standard. 

Here’s why this is going to take your maturity and self control; it doesn’t matter which company you rep with or which organization you buy from. This means people who come from the competitors are putting down the rifles and extending a hand of friendship and professionalism that even the White House can’t seem to establish.

I could continue to tell you how enormous and influential this collaborative is, but you’ll get what you put into it.

What I really want to drive home is how INSANE it is that so many consumers, reps, and hecklers are still battling over gossip and unsubstantiated rumors that even the court of law and concerned parties have DROPPED! If (and they are) corporate leaders are mature enough to cease fire then why the hell are people still going for the jugular?

I believe so strongly in the power of essential oils that I’m absolutely BAFFLED by the asinine tactics other essential oil consumers are resorting to. DO YOU NOT USE ESSENTIAL OILS AT ALL?!? Maybe you should diffuse some lavender, better yet take a dunk in an entire VAT of it. Ok, so that wouldn’t be wise because essential oil is pretty damned concentrated, but I think you get my drift.

To those of you who get what I’m saying and quite possibly feel the same way; we need to stand together and show those infants how to rise above it. We aren’t doing a very good job by just being silent and staying on our own sides of the field. They need to see us ride to the center on our white steeds and shake hands!

We’ve had it with the essential oil community behaving like the Hatfields and McCoys! Grow the hell up.

People are sick and dying because of Big Pharma’s incessant push to get our fellow humans addicted to medications! Thousands of people DIE every year because of unnecessary surgeries. Tens of thousands of people are entering DRUG REHABS because of PRESCRIPTION drug addiction! And get this, most insurance companies REFUSE to cover that expense. People are in pain. People join hand in hand to PRAY for ill loved ones and the Power from Above is pointing out that everything we need to be healthy was CREATED in a perfect freaking garden! This planet is one huge garden with plant life that grows in every corner of the globe! Why oh why are we resorting to synthetic chemicals to heal an ORGANIC body?

But when people type in the search bar “can essential oils help me get better?” the results are immature and hostile blog posts that condemn essential oil companies. What a waste of cyberspace.

So here’s a short order of what’s going on in this collaborative.

We recognize that our fans, followers, and readers are the BEST advertising we can get. Not just us, but the entire industry as a whole. Marketing statistics show that word of mouth advertising is still king. But if we’re too busy fighting what do these readers have to share with their contacts? Did you know that in 2013 they counted 3.6 BILLION email accounts? Can you even visualize how many contacts could be yours?

Articles that go viral are often the negative ones. Which means if we’re going to see a STRONG push of essential oil purchases and use (for improving wellness) then we had better get our asses in gear and start working hard. We must rise above the worthless chatter of idle gossip. Our unique team knows how to knock those hen pecking critics to the back of the Google bus.

Improving the essential oil market requires POSITIVE partnerships so we can effectively raise the Google ranks ABOVE that of the critics. Our collaborative works together to create effective articles that educate, inspire, and equip people with accurate information to improve their wellness.

Organic growth seems small at first, but in the long run it’s the kind of expansion that has the FIRMEST foundation. It’s amazing how much easier it is to make the sale without sounding like a gimmicky used car salesman. We offer tips on how to grow your influence organically.

We don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Seriously, who the hell wants an essential oil business that is accused of being a cult? We are willing to reach across the table and have relationships with bloggers who work for a different company. But only mature essential oil enthusiasts should apply for group membership.

We each retain our authenticity and continue to grow teams under our own businesses, because we recognize that consumers have the right and the freedom to team up with people they get along with and feel aligned to by personality and philosophy. Besides, you wouldn’t want someone on your team that you have a personality conflict with, right?

We network together in productive ways that promote the essential oil industry without crossing the line of competition. But aside from that, read why HEALTHY competition is good for all of us, including the industry as a whole.

Our bedrock goals are to see people improve their wellness with essential oils. When we make PEOPLE are priority, the financial success comes as a natural manifestation of your kindness and compassion.

This is precisely why smart entrepreneurs are joining the Essential Oil Collaborative (on Facebook) and the idiots just heckle.


Which Essential Oil Are You and What You Can Do About it

I’m so sick and tired of people telling me what health decisions to make, what spirituality to believe in, or which company to buy products from. The constant upheaval critics cause online is nauseating! If you’re going to spend your whole damn life cutting people down then what kind of mental health do you really have? Blowing a trumpet to cause a war over personal decisions is intrusive to our freedom to decide for ourselves. Don’t you just want to yell, “Back the hell off!” ? They think they’re “teaching us what is true”, but their hostile tirades kill off everyone near them. If our schools teachers behaved like these critics do, they’d be fired. If they want to actually TEACH us something then they should get some mental health support from their shrink first.

We all need good, responsible, and fair teachers in this world, but let those teachers nudge us toward knowledge and inspire us to improve our intellect. The best teachers in history are the ones who truly care about their students and the topic they are experts in. There’s always going to be critics, but they don’t have to be such assholes.

We are all connected to this earth and can learn so much about ourselves, our emotional health, physical health, and spiritual wellness from each other and from plants. Some religious folk are either opposed to science or hesitant in trusting it, but I favor embracing science and what the earth has to offer. A friend of mine continually asks me where I get my analogies from. We often meet at the local coffee shop or sit at the beach and discuss life, our emotions, and our health. I’m both a philosopher and a science junky so my take on life is always inspired by science and spirituality. I actively use essential oils in my life and each one can teach you something about yourself.

which essential oil are you

But lets look at some of the critical things said and believed by the western medical community and why they contradict themselves all-the-freaking-time.

Are essential oils a placebo?

Essential oils are created through distillation of plant life. Each plant, from which these essential oils are taken from, have all had some kind of mystical power attributed to them. Even in ancient Egypt, spirituality was a main part of their medical practice. Every medical treatment (made with plants) required some kind of prayer or spell to insure it’s success in bringing health to their patients.

Old world healers were usually women who grew herbs and practiced home remedies in their communities. Their work was eventually outlawed by the government who favored the work of their religious leaders. The earliest hospitals in England were at churches where the monks were the only, legal sanctioned, health care providers. People often sought out the minister for physical and spiritual healing. It’s still often believed that our physical wellness is connected to our spiritual well-being. .

Our belief in a remedy does play a role in our healing. Whether it’s a spiritual belief or just a marketed commercial aimed at inducing a belief, belief is definitely a key player in wellness

Even medical scientists KNOW that placebos do play a role in a person’s wellness journey. This is why they have to conduct their research with blind placebo studies. They KNOW that telling a patient the little white pill can help them get well actually works for some people. They conduct these studies to find out which medicines work on their own without the belief in it’s healing properties. And regardless of the placebo studies, Big Pharma drug manufacturers STILL rely on their marketing to move their products off the pharmacy shelves and into the bodies of their consumers. They do this with testimonials, video clips of happy kids, and grandparents jumping for a Frisbee. They still use the placebo promises in their advertising claims.

Whether you think spells or prayers are just placebos or not doesn’t change the facts. I am a firm believer in adding ANY amount of confidence to a wellness routine to get the best possible results. You can believe essential oils are just a placebo or trust in the scientific break throughs using essential oils, but make no mistake about the power of essential oils.

We had fun the other day figuring out which type of Essential Oil Enthusiast you are, now lets take a look at which essential oil you are and why it matters. Each essential oil offers support in different areas and your personality may fit with any number of these. Whether it’s one or a combination of several, let us know in the comments. If you feel your oil isn’t listed, then please share which essential oil you feel you are.

Each essential oil is labeled with a T, A, and/or I for usage suggestions. 

  • T= Topical
  • A= Aromatic
  • I= Internal

For a more in depth recommendation for (and safety of) these essential oils, stay tuned toward the end of the article.

Birch, the oil of support: You offer support to those in need, even when they don’t ask. You assist those in dire straits, from moving their home to consoling a heart break. You’re a tall tree with the strength to withstand a storm. Birch is often embraced for being a symbol of rebirth, so also do you believe in giving life (and people) a second chance. You’re a keeper of long honored traditions and place great value on togetherness. If you’re a part of a spiritual community, you’re most likely the best example they’ve got. Usage: T, A

Clary Sage, the oil of vision & clarity: You’re a visionary with insightful wisdom and can see through a murky situation when others are blinded by it. Your gifts include helping others to have a clean canvas from which their creativity can freely flow. You’re a spiritual mentor that guides others to discover their spiritual gifts and mentors them as they sharpen their skills. You’re goal is to help people and rarely accept any kind of monetary compensation for your help. Usage: T, A, I

Coriander, the oil of loyalty: You understand the importance of self-care as you are loyal to yourself before others. In caring for yourself, you’re able to offer your best to those around you. Although you serve others, you remain an individual and refrain from being a slave to chaos. You are courageous to step out of the box and blaze a trail for your authenticity in life. You remain committed to trusting your intuition and by being your true self, you offer a unique gift to the world. Usage: T, A, I

Eucalyptus, the oil of wellness: You’re often found at the hospital, convalescent home, or bedside of a sick loved one. You offer spiritual and physical wellness through your presence and touch. You don’t hesitate to pray or cast a wellness spell for those in need and enjoy making soup to heal the body. You believe in the power of faith and offer hope to others through your own personal stories of healing. Usage: T, A

Frankincense, the oil of truth telling: You’re such an honest person that people have difficulty lying to you. You’re often able to discern when someone isn’t telling you the whole story. You speak positive truth over people’s lives and in doing so offer healing as people learn from you that confession is good for the soul. Due to this powerful force in your soul, you have an in depth relationship with the Divine and are known to have insight that could only be miraculous. Be sure to exercise wisdom and discretion when truth-telling in the presence of people who disagree with you. They might burn you at the stake. Usage: T, A, I

Geranium, the oil of love and trust: You believe in the goodness of others even when critics don’t. You have a mission to restore relationships and help others learn to rebuild trust. You feel a need to protect others through practicing love in all of it’s forms, even when it has to be tough. Your heart is in the home and others profess to feeling welcomed at your table. Usage: T, A, I

Ginger, the oil of empowerment: You’re a cheerleader for most people, especially your family. You have a strong belief in the equality of human beings, both in this physical plane and the spiritual. Everyone knows where you stand and you give people the confidence to stand with you. You take complete responsibility for your life and encourage others to do the same. You believe that what goes out will come back to you. If someone comes against you or someone you love, you’re likely to verbally kick their ass into next week. Usage: T, A, I (can cause skin sensitivity to the sun)

Hyssop, the oil of identity: You cut through the chaos of life and help others find their true identity. In doing so, the death of this world passes right over since you’re confident in who you are. People rarely take you on in any battle, because they know your confidence makes you a winner. Your wisdom has been known to bring cleansing to the lives of others and in yourself. Usage: A

Lavender, the oil of communicating: Most trouble relationships stem from a lack of proper communication, but you seem to have a knack for establishing better communication skills among those in turmoil. Your gifts and talents with communicating can help just about anyone. You’ve broken free from your own inner conflict and are passionate in helping others find liberation. Through healthy communication, you’re able to relax from the chaos of the world. You know that shutting the cell phone off at bed time is a key part in getting a good night’s rest. Usage: T, A, I

Lemon, the oil of  happiness: Logical conclusions help you find clarity and through that you find your happiness. You lift the spirit of others and bring an upbeat ambiance to any group activity. You help bring clarity when others seem to be in a fog. You’re naturally playful and avoid anything that can bring depression. Your personality is like a sprite dancing on leaves in the summer and livens up the mundane. Usage: T, A, I (can cause skin sensitivity to the sun)

Lime, the oil of zest: You’re the life of the party! Whether friends are enjoying a midnight Margarita or Taco Tuesday, you’re usually the first the show up and the last to leave. If it weren’t for you, your friends would have a boring existence. Your presence brightens the work place and schools and you remind people that there’s more to life and show them how to reach out and grab it. Usage: T, A, I (can cause skin sensitivity to the sun)

Melissa, the oil of light: You have a talent for illuminating dark places and bring spiritual enlightenment to those who are blind to their spiritual potential. You bring the message of hope to others and teach them about their own divine spark. You don’t need to discuss the darkness with others, because your focus is on setting a candle on a hill and helping others to light their own. You teach best by example as you shine your light to all around you. Usage: T, A, I

Myrhh, the oil of mother earth: You have a deeply profound connection with nature love and actively pursue environmental care. From whales to recycling, your heart belongs to the planet. You recognize the lessons that nature teaches and often speak in metaphors about how our lives are connected to her. You take the role of motherhood seriously and regularly reach out to other mothers too. Usage: T, A, I

Wild Orange, the oil of abundance: You’re the kind of person that sees the glass as half full and practice gratitude on a daily basis. You pay very little attention to critical people, if at all. Your life is so full of appreciation that you don’t take time to mess with those who grumble. You’re not likely to hoard anything and more likely to donate any extras you have, because you know someone will be blessed by it. Usage: T, A, I (can cause skin sensitivity to the sun)

Patchouli the oil of grounding: People often say you’re down to earth and easy to get along with. You make it a practice to align your body and soul through physical practices like yoga.  You release judgments and shake anxiety off your shoulders. You’re an affectionate person often attracting physical touch from your lover. Usage: T, A, I

Rose, the oil of love and romance: Your life conveys the epitome of love. You tend to hold a high emotional vibration that effectively influences others to catch the spirit. You have a tender heart and are known to hold a high priority on commitment. You inspire giving and compassion in others and support charity organizations. You aim to keep an open heart and extend a helping hand to those less fortunate than you. Usage: T, A, I

Rosemary, the oil of knowledge: You’re a  studious sort, spending quality time on improving your intellect. You’re known to spend time assisting others with academic projects. You enjoy sharing what you’ve learned and are known to be a walking encyclopedia. People see you as a wealth of knowledge and equipped with vast resources. Usage: T, A, I

White Fir, the oil of generational insight: When people feel like their past is haunting them, you know how to break strongholds and tear down curses that tend to stick with families for several generations. You can see the way out of a victimizing cycle and teach others how to break free. Usage: T, A, I

These essential oils tend to induce the personality traits described above. If you feel more inclined to one you may want to introduce using that essential oil into your everyday lifestyle. Below are some suggestions for how to use essential oils to help inspire your personal growth.

These are three methods of using essential oils:

*NOTE: Some of the above essential oils are NOT recommended for all three types of usage. Each one is marked with either a T, A, or I (or a combination of these). Please refer back to the essential oils listed to determine which method is safest. Do not use internally if pregnant or nursing.

1. Topical: Applying the essential oil to your epidermis.  Dilute 1 drop of essential oil per every 4 parts carrier oil. This is the MINIMUM suggestion. You may find that your skin is more sensitive than average consumers and may want to increase the dilution.

2. Aromatic: Drop 5-10 drops of essential oil into a diffuser (or according to diffuser product instructions).

3. Internal: Drop 1 drop of essential oil per every 4 parts carrier (oil, alcohol, honey, vegetable glycerin,or other type of fat) + water. *NOTE: Some consumers have no trouble using a 100% pure essential oil in water without a carrier to blend it with. HOWEVER, it is often recommended by some to dilute first and see how your body responds. If you have any adverse reactions, stop immediately. NOT ALL ESSENTIAL OILS can be taken internally. I can only confidently recommend CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade© Essential Oils due to my experience with them. I do NOT have experience taking other brands internally.

*Disclaimer: I have no evidence that taking essential oils internally will make any difference in improving your personality, character, or spirituality. Always consult your wellness professional prior to taking essential oils as supplements.

The following locations are suggested for topical use:

  • bottom of feet
  • throat/chest
  • temples
  • back of neck

Recommended carrier oils for topical use are as follows:

  • fractionated coconut oil
  • whole organic coconut oil
  • almond oil
  • jojoba oil

*Note: Some essential oils may cause your body to respond unfavorably, depending on how sensitive your skin is.

Suggested foods for internal use (1 drop EO for every Tablespoon)

  • avocado
  • olive oil
  • honey
  • coconut oil

Always use caution when taking internally. While many aromatherapists discourage internal use of essential oils, CPTG© Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are categorized as supplements and as such should not exceed 25 drops per day. Personally, I would not exceed 2-3 drops at a time (mixed with a carrier). If you experience any adverse reactions to using EOs internally stop using immediately. You can contact the company directly to report your experiences and speak to your professional wellness provider.

Some possible responses from your body (for internal use) may include acid reflux, cranky tummy, or loose stools.

  • Digestive essential oils may help alleviate gas through a release of flatulence or bowel movements.
  • Citrus essential oils may cause acid reflux or sensitivity to the esophagus.
  • Spicey or other hot essential oils can irritate the tummy similar to (or even more so than) any spices in your kitchen cabinet could.

Essential oils are a concentrated substance and much more potent than using kitchen spices or foods, so use caution. Always use a carrier oil until you learn more about essential oil use and until you get to know your body’s response to them.

If you would like a free consult you can contact me through this page. I’d be glad to connect with you and discuss your wellness goals. Click here to get my business card.

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*Disclaimer: As an Wellness Advocate I provide my personal opinion and experiences with essential oils, and am not endorsed by dōTERRA Corporate. None of what I testify of has been evaluated by the FDA, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a registered medical professional and I encourage you to discuss your health concerns with your own doctor. I simply share resources and tools to raise consumer awareness. This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclaimer here

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How You Can Heal Others like Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale did far more than just nurse her patients back to health. She spent her life making a drastic change in the entire health care industry. So much of her life and work inspires men and women all over the world and can (and should) inspire natural wellness advocates as well. With the ongoing ‘health care’ fiasco in this world, people are doing more to put band aids on their illnesses than actual healing. There’s an entire mentality in the medical industry that perpetuates the disease-big pharma- medication-money-making-trap we find ourselves in. The nation’s so called health care industry is stuck in a rut and we need to do much more than just complain about it. We’re getting no where fast and we MUST make changes before it’s too late. We can all do our part to heal others like Florence Nightingale.


How You Can Heal Others like Florence Nightingale

Lady with the Lamp: Ministered to patients when others turned in for the night. Her presence often lit up their hopes as she walked the halls at twilight with her candle lit lamp. People don’t spend every waking moment with a physician, but we can touch their lives by staying in regular contact and lifting their spirits. We can support others and their quality of life can improve when we introduce them to a regular lifestyle of aromatic wellness. Offer carefully selected and properly diluted samples to assist their wellness journey. Follow up with them a few days later to assist them in getting a starter kit of their own.

Establish a place for education: Florence established an educational facility to train other nurses. In this modern day tech world we can offer a blog, newsletters, and online classes to help educate others. Teaching others how to use and apply essential oils is important.

Advocate for better health care and quality control: Florence traveled far and petitioned for quality and higher standards for her own industry. Advocacy for higher quality health care and wellness products requires inspiring people to reach out to companies to establish competitive prices and better quality in the production of their essential oils. While Florence did discuss the problems in her field, she spent more time speaking up about the solutions. She didn’t aim to tear apart the health care industry, instead she chose to help make it better.

Publish your written work: She used simple English so lower educated people can understand how to help themselves and others. There’s no need to make essential oil usage complicated. Conduct intensive research, collaborate with other well respected leaders in your field, and publish your easy-to-understand work on blogs, create newsletters, and offer free online classes.

Pursue spiritual growth: Florence was a spiritual woman and open to improving spiritual wellness. Try to be open with people of varying religious (and non-religious) beliefs, because their wellness is more important than converting them to your religion.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they first see how much you care.” ~John C. Maxwell

Conduct Clinical Research: Florence carefully documented health conditions, physical descriptions, dietary information, and other vital details of her patients. When you’re practicing wellness with essential oils, it’s important to document the same things of yourself and your loved ones. Keep a journal of your wellness needs and the remedies you’re using. 

Support Women: While Florence worked tirelessly to improve work conditions and opportunities for women, she favored reaching out to men to get her goals accomplished. Her opinions about the lack of female support is quite telling.

“I have never found one woman who has altered her life by one iota for me or my opinions.” ~Florence Nightingale

Let this NOT be said of women today. We should be supporting one another, now more than ever. Women can be just as much responsible for wars as men are, but let us be known more for peace and support.






*Disclaimer: As an Wellness Advocate I provide my personal opinion and experiences with essential oils, and am not endorsed by dōTERRA Corporate. None of what I testify of has been evaluated by the FDA, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a registered medical professional and I encourage you to discuss your health concerns with your own doctor. I simply share resources and tools to raise consumer awareness. This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclaimer here

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com

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