Quotation Marks Getting Jumbled in WordPress?

There’s a mystery going on with WordPress lately, or so I thought it was just lately. After a Google search I discovered this has been an ongoing issued for several months. If you’ve tried to get the codes to a friend’s link up or blog button from a little code window only to find the image isn’t showing, you’re not alone. Somehow the quotation marks are turning out curvy and backwards. You can manually fix that by updating each quotation mark, but that only fixes it’s appearance on your blog while the blogger you got it from may have several readers frustrated with the same problem. Some have said it’s in the Visual Editor and others say it’s a default code setting in the php, but I’m not one to want to spend a bunch of time trying to figure this out so I improvised!

I have tried two different alternatives to offering button codes.

One alternative is to upload the button to my Facebook page with the code there. Then grab the time stamp link from that status and link it into my footer with the text “Grab the Code”. by doing so, my readers end up on my Facebook page and that’s a good thing.


I’ve also used a second alternative by putting the code into a notepad then uploading it to my media files. From there I grab the url of the file and link that into the text “Grab the Code”. When a reader clicks on the link they’ll see the code in a notepad file. You can see an example of this on the HSBA buttons page. You can see both examples in the screenshot below:


(By the way, The 8th Annual Homeschool Blog Awards is coming soon. Are you ready?)

 I hope these two alternatives will work for you. If you know how to permanently fix this issue in WordPress, I would be most appreciative if you’d let me know.



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