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A while back I mentioned that I wanted to introduce some bloggers who represent a more diverse spectrum of the blogosphere and I want you to know that I have taken careful consideration on who I would feature. When I feature blogs here at The HomeSpun Life, it does not necessarily mean that I agree with everything they write, nor does it mean I believe everything they believe about faith. But what I do wish to say is that there are some blogs out there that are respectful and open to reading all sorts of perspectives and can do so with love. I like that!

The first blog I want to ‘re’ introduce to you is Growing in Grace. This was an online magazine for a couple of years, specifically for homeschool girls. We took a break from this project and now have re-opened it for all women who want to submit their articles of grace to inspire the world for Christ. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get your writing and gracious inspiration on another site that has just over 800 subscribers already and an active Twitter account with over 1,000 followers to help promote your writing. You can submit 3 links to samples of your gracious inspirations here for consideration. Growing in Grace is a group effort to bring the grace of Jesus to the world through inspirational articles, poetry, and they even accept submissions on other topics such as crafts, recipes, etc. This is a blog that is non denominational and open to the whole spectrum of Christianity. Every submission must be lavished with grace so as to leave the inward changing of the hearts of the readers up to the Holy Spirit.

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The next blog I wish to feature is Sweet Phenomena by Tiffany. Tiffany has a heart for opening up the homeschool community to embrace more diversity, which is also a passion of mine. We have communicated several times about extending grace to all of the homeschool blogosphere and in doing so we pray that grace will be extended in your own communities and through as many homeschool conventions as will allow. She has some fun things planned in the upcoming homeschool season, so be sure to swing over and get to know her.

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This final blog I want to introduce you to is by far the most diverse of those featured today. I chose to feature this blog and author after about a month of reading her writing style, becoming more educated about her beliefs, and most of all the heart she has for others. She has extended so much grace toward me that I am in awe. Contrary to popular belief, men and women in her type of organic faith are not opposed to Christians, nor do they seek to destroy us or harm us in anyway. They simply want to live in peace and be understood. Yet, as with any other community of faith, we will stand toe to toe with anyone trying to take our freedom of religion away. We really have more in common than we realize.

This blog is authored by Polly Taskey, also known as The Green Witch. I promise you there’s nothing scary about Polly. In fact, her blog is very well written, organized, and filled with practical understanding of pagan concepts of all sorts. In my studies of my ancient ancestry, her blog has been very useful for me to understand exactly what my lineage was birthed in. If one wants to know the truth about something, it’s best to go directly to the source rather than try to read from sites that oppose the topic. It’s really best to make up our own minds about things, but in everything…grace. Polly is a homeschooling mom and she is welcome to be a part of my homeschool community any time.

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I pray that you can see my heart in embracing diversity in my circle of friends. Some of them are kindred to my own ancestors.

Family is sacred to me, even when they believe differently.

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Introducing …

I have been working all summer on my photography and have opened a new page to show off my best work. I will be sharing what I have learned along the way on the new blog at Pix-O-Sphere that is soon to launch. I hope you’ll enjoy the photos.

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Featured Bloggers: Holy Spirit

This week I would like to feature 3 bloggers who have inspired me to see the Holy Spirit in their lives and in their blogs. First of all, is Dawn from 5 Kids and a Dog. I was able to meet her in person at Relevant 2010 and have been blessed to continue our friendship online and over the phone. She blogs about homeschooling, her faith, and has been transparent about life’s difficulties in such a grace filled yet sensible way. Dawn is down to earth and filled with grace. She hosts the weekly ABC’s of Homeschooling meme on Tuesdays.

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Next is Jamerrill from Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling. I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Jamerrill at The Homeschool Post. She writes for a variety of blogs and shares how she yields to the Spirit in her homeschooling. Her passion in Christ is gentle and sweet. Her article about homeschooling being a gift (at the HSBAPost) deeply touched my heart and I believe it will touch yours as well.

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This next blogger radically shot cupid’s arrow through my heart when she recently spoke up in defense of the God she serves. I am a firm believer in grace and Julie, at Journey to Be Loved, manifested grace this last week to some fellow bloggers who happened to be Pagans. She put the letter of the Law down in order to be a Light, but I believe her light in this situation was not just to show grace to Pagans, but she shone the Light to our own sisters in Christ. She reminds us how grace is not just FOR us, but for extending to others. This grabbed my heart and mind by the reigns and got my full undivided attention. I think she also got the attention of a lot of other folks too. The ministry my husband and I have is intended to those that some churches reject. People that Christians have a difficult time relating to. Sometimes it’s because of their fears, or just because they hold so tight to the letter the law that they have difficulty seeing outside the box. And that’s perfectly okay for them. Perhaps they aren’t called to step out just yet, but others ARE called to step out. It sure looks like Julie has such a calling. {{kindred spirit}} Julie, you are awesome! Thank you, thank you!

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In recognition of Julie’s courageous step to loving outside the box, the next few weeks I am going to be featuring bloggers from various lifestyles and faiths. I embrace diversity and maybe we can all take a lesson from Julie and the Holy Spirit in learning to get to know people, learn to relate to them, love them in our differences, and embrace those things we have in common. I believe the Lord did this when he was here on earth in the flesh and I believe he continues to do so today by his Spirit.

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Life Unscripted and Spontaneous

This week’s featured bloggers have inspired me in home making, unschooling, and living life through heart ache. These three bloggers have brought so much encouragement to me as a mom, a home maker, and as a Christ follower in very specific ways. I am happy to share with you these special ladies!

First is Lauren of Sparkling Adventures. I was so excited to find her blog and read through several of her articles over the last couple of weeks. I m so encouraged to find her because she is an unschooler and a Christ follower who lives a spontaneous organic style faith filled life. Our homeschool resembles a bit of unschooling as well and we are also consider ourselves organic Christians. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about her Sparkling Adventures and I look forward to remaining a faithful reader of hers. If you consider yourself an unschooler of faith you might be interested in the oodles of friends she has connected with, Christian Unschoolers.

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Second is Myra at My Blessed Life. Myra has a great variety blog full of inspiration for any wife and mom from decorating the home, to exercise, and recipes. I love the design of her blog and her friendly personality. She also has great DIY Projects complete with awesome photos. I’d much rather read her blog than to pick up any home magazines at the store.

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My third featured blogger this weekend is very near and dear to my heart, Dana at Roscommon Acres. I have been cyber friends with Dana since I ventured into the homeschool blogosphere a few years ago and last year her family experienced the heart wrenching goodbye of her sweet Mattias (Tiggy). Reading her family’s journey since then has been one of the most inspirational blogs I have found all year. Dana shares conversations her children have been having with her ever since Tiggy’s accident. Her very difficult journey has shifted my view of life more home-ward than every before. Family is everything! Enjoy the moments you have and when tough storms come your way, embrace family even more. I am thankful that Dana shares her journey and inspires me to hold my family even closer. Should you find her blog inspirational too, would you consider helping them with Tiny Hands?

The Vision

Fully fund the construction of one children’s home for Tiny Hand’s Dream Center in Nepal: “Tiggy’s House.”

The Objective

Raise $50,000 in two years.

Read more here...

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Thank you Lauren, Myra, and Dana for making the blogosphere a relational place to get to know one another.
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