Prayers, Magic, and Positive Thoughts

In the midst of having such an exuberant week, looking towards great possibilities for our future, a phone call came in. Not the kind of phone call I thought I’d get..especially from this specific person. With the phone to my ear, I was vomited all over by hate filled words of anger and sly threats to ‘not ruin’ my husband with a phone call.


He may not even realize how hurtful his words were to me. He probably doesn’t even realize how abusive and manipulating he was.

I am quite certain he didn’t expect to hear what I had to say about it all…

“I’m hanging up now.”


I don’t enable bullies.

I’m done with being bullied.

I do consider myself a Christian, but I’m not a doormat. I’ll help whoever I can if they can be willing to work on changing their lives and we can walk together…but I’m not going to be a baby sitter.

What came next was far more painful…other people calling…who had already gotten an ear full from this man…and they believed him. They had their minds made up before calling me.

I had to spend several hours on the phone with people I deeply love, convincing them of the truth and pleading with them to consider my character. Let my character tell you that I’m innocent of the accusations.

Why is it so easy for people to swallow lies and accuse innocent people?

Do they want to believe the worst about me and my husband?

We’re not perfect people by any means. If someone wanted to accuse us of something, at least pick our real faults and not false faults.

So in the middle of my hope for our future, preparing my home for a move, and looking forward to a new start, I get this…I feel like I’ve been dumped on..I cried all day…trying to clean up the negative emotional vomit that covered me, picking out the chunks of hate from my hair.

How much more rejection do I need to suffer through?

I’m not Jesus. I can’t carry the weight of the world and the emotional unhealthy mental instability of those around me.

I can point to some resources, I can offer an encouraging word or two…but only those who are willing to receive it will benefit from it.

And so it is with great pain that I have to put up yet another boundary…to avoid mental and emotional vampires. I don’t need my positive energy ripped from me.

Over the next couple of months.. I’ll let the machine collect the calls. I emptied my email inbox and will create a new email..and not give it to negative hurtful people. I will be limiting access to my Facebook discussions.

And as much as I hate to be negative, I can’t help but to think they will be offended at my decisions and blame me further…instead of understanding how I hurt I am..and giving me the space I need to heal.

We need this move, we need this change, we need this new beginning. Please pray for us. Light a candle. Cross your fingers or rub the Rabbit’s foot for us. Whatever positive energy you are willing to send our way..we need some magic, my friends. Lots of it.

Open doors with provision.

A new community of love.

Opportunities to connect in humanitarian venues.

Working in a professional atmosphere.

Avoiding condemnation.

Healing for hearts and spirits.

Unity in family.

Forgetting the past and pressing into the future.

If Only….

If only all Christians could agree to hold firmly to these “love your neighbors as yourself” and “you will reap what you sow” then maybe we could find a more peaceful way to be a community.

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Tiggy’s House

Dana over at RoscommonAcres has a special missionary project in honor of her son Tiggy. Tiggy went to be with the Lord in 2010 and his tragic departure can be read here. Some tragedies are difficult to find hope out of, but Dana has poured her heart into her family and her passion to get a home built for children in Nepal. She is turning her tragedy into a home of hope for little ones who are victims of human/sex trafficking. She wants to provide a place of love for children who may otherwise not know the kind of love that Dana’s family had for Tiggy.

I have followed the blogs of a few different women who have had tremendous losses and Dana’s pierced my heart in a unique way. How she shares about her conversations with her children since Tiggy returned to Father have been enlightening. By simply reading her words I can see her heart and I am in awe! Dana built a blog to share the updates about the fund raising for Tiggy’s House and I would like to ask that you consider helping Dana raise the funds needed to make this dream in Tiggy’s honor a reality within 2 years time.

There are a few ways you can help.

1. Consider making a donation. Tiggy’s House is part of Tiny Hands International and you can get the info about making donations here.

2. Help spread the word about this project by sharing Dana’s dream with your bloggy friends in a blog post.

3. Help spread the word about Tiggy’s House via Twitter and Facebook.

4. Consider “Liking” Tiggy’s page at Facebook and share with your friends.

5. Place  the Tiggy’s House button on your blog to show your support of this endeavor.

6. Pray!

Dana is trying to raise $50,000 in two years and with as many bloggy friends as we have who are on various social networks each day, I believe we can all rally together to make this vision a reality. Lets combine our blogs and networks together to help spread hope for these little children. We can be a blog family to Dana and many other children in Nepal and show our support in sending the light and love of Jesus to people who need hope!

Tiggy's House

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