Sexy Christian Women

Some people may not agree with me on this topic and that’s just fine, they don’t need to read this post nor forward it to others. I understand this is somewhat of a taboo topic among Christian women, but I tend to not have a problem with taboo topics. Just because you believe in Jesus doesn’t mean you can’t be a sexy wife. Even the Song of Solomon, in the Bible, is quite steamy!

But you don’t have to look sleazy to be sexy for your husband. You see, being sexy starts with confidence. It’s knowing deep down inside that you are beautifully created by God. How could you not be confident in how the Creator of the Universe made you? When you’re confident in yourself, your husband will be too. It’s not about being arrogant or talking dirty, it’s about holding your head high with the knowledge that you are a fabulous woman. Two women who I admire for their confidence, who dress classy and yet are quite sexy are Oprah and Queen Latifah. I’m not idolizing them, nor am I suggesting that you mimic everything about their lives or be in support of them. I’m simply expressing my own views on how a woman can dress decent, be confident, and that is sexy.

Be Fashionable! Find the clothing style that best compliment your figure. There’s absolutely no need to look frumpy in your desire to be modest. A confident, sexy woman can dress modestly and classy at the same time. Sometimes clothing doesn’t quite fit right, but don’t let that discourage you. Many celebrities have the same problem. Just tailor your new clothes with a few stitches here and there or pay someone to do it for you.

Accessorize with simple bling. There’s no need to wear gaudy jewelry. Bling doesn’t have to be monster costume jewelry nor does it need to be grossly overpriced gold and diamonds. Some of my favorite pieces of bling were found at the Farmer’s Market from a local merchant for under $20. You’ll want your jewelry to accent your beauty, not steal the attention from you.

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Enhance your skin. I know not all women like makeup, nor do all husbands. However, even a natural hint of color can brighten up your face and give you a confidence boost. If you have a Bare Escentuals store near you, I highly recommend you go in for a consultation. I was a Community Leader for the Makeup Tips 101 beauty board at for a couple of years, had my own Mary Kay and BeautiControl businesses and have done makeup for weddings and proms. In my opinion, Bare Escentuals mineral make up is the best I have ever tried. It gives a natural glow without looking like you’re wearing makeup. Just a hint of blush on the apple of your cheeks and some light lip gloss can do wonders!

Get Dressed first thing in the morning. I know it’s tempting to homeschool in your jammies, but there’s more potential in your day when you get dressed in confident clothes before you start the day. Staying in pj’s keeps us too relaxed and we want to make the most of our day.

Be ready when he gets home. I don’t mean just dressed and with makeup on. I mean really ‘be ready’ for him when he gets home. Get your mind wrapped around him before he enters the door. Look forward to him coming home and he’ll know he’s truly welcome when he gets there…welcomed by a confident, sexy woman.

Kiss your man! I’m not talking about a peck on the cheek, I’m talking about a smooth, hot, sexy kiss just for him. This means you’ll need to brush and floss before he gets home. No morning coffee smell or fish sticks from lunch. Yuck! You can sweeten your breath by having sweet fruit after a mild lunch. If you have pizza at noon, you’ll still have garlic breath even after brushing.

“Umm, Lisa..a hot, sexy kiss? But that means he’ll want ‘you know what’ that night.”

And? 😉

We don’t have to be frumpy, we can be sexy Christian women! There’s nothing wrong with being a hottie. And home wreckers are less likely to go after your man when she sees a hot sexy confident wife who is steamy hot for her husband.

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Christian Intimacy

One of the most glorious gifts we were given in marriage is physical intimacy. However, many times we see religious speakers minimizing and even hiding this from us. More Christian women are afraid of intimacy with their own husbands due to legalistic teaching that scares them into becoming prudes. I can’t tell you how many marriages I have seen break up over this one simple thing..a lack of intimacy.

Yet, intimacy in the bedroom is a topic that not many will speak openly about. It tends to be a hush-hush thing and many couples lack the basic knowledge of how their intimate parts work. There are several nerve endings in the body that enhance the love making time and do you know who put those nerve endings there? God did!

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There’s absolutely nothing sinful about researching intimacy to enhance your marriage. This doesn’t mean you have to look up p*rn or read dirty magazines. There are classy books that are written from a respectful perspective that you can glean from. The problem is that so many Christian women are ashamed to read such a book and they would kill their husbands if they ever even thought about getting a book like that. Listen my friends, there is nothing shameful about wanting to please your husband physically and teach him what pleases you. God gave you and your husband nerve endings under the skin that feel absolutely terrific when touched, blown on, and even licked.

Are you blushing yet? It’s ok! You are a woman and he is your man and you have the freedom to find out what makes things ‘work’ for both of you. Venturing out to the local bookstore may not be the place you feel most comfortable, since your neighbors, friends, and even church members shop at the same store. So go ahead and drive to another city and go find a book to help you. Yes, you will probably see book covers that you aren’t comfortable with, so don’t pick those books. But be prepared that as you research these things, you will read words and see diagrams that’ll make you blush. But that’s a good thing since it will get your mind wrapped around your husband. Women take longer to get in the mood and part of that is done in the brain. A woman who can’t stop thinking about the laundry pile long enough to get into the mood at night will put quite a damper on your marital intimacy.

I just can’t stress to you enough how perfectly acceptable it is that you find out how to be the most amazing intimate wife in the world for your man. God is not shocked that ‘this certain thing’ really makes him happy. He is not ashamed of you for doing ‘that one thing’ in the bedroom. The marriage bed is undefiled! He created both of you to feel that way for a reason. Making love can become an amazingly spiritual experience for a couple. You two are one and can enjoy being one.

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Embrace Being a Wife and Mom in the 21st Century

I see the women in the store who have the long dresses and sweet little bonnets..very feminine and I admire their courage to dress the way they do..especially when our town is over 100 degrees for at least a month every summer.

Then there are the women who don’t speak until their husbands include them in a conversation. Perhaps their marriage works best that way.. who knows..maybe she puts her foot in her mouth more times than we realize. Maybe she’s trying to learn to be more gracious with her words and her husband may have asked her to keep silent until she can mind her manners.

I’ve also known women who feel that the greatest they can ever aspire to is keeping her baseboards clean and entertaining her husband’s work buddies each week with her in-home catering skills. She may be quite content with sharing her talents with just her husband and his friends. Maybe she finds great fulfillment in that. It’s her freedom to do so and I don’t fault these women for their choices.

Some have found ways to become successful bloggers and I think that’s awesome. While a woman’s husband is at work, she’s diligently writing out her passions and selling books. Great!!!

Every woman is different and thank God for that. We have numerous women in the world to inspire and encourage us in just about every niche of life. I love the diversity.

Women can do a great many things and I applaud the husbands who see their wives’ potential and supports her in chasing her dreams. My husband has been amazing with this. I have many interests and passions and so long as I keep my own responsibilities in check, I can work hard to achieve my own goals.

This summer my daughters and I got a taste of what it’s like to ‘work outside the home’. Since my husband is a contractor, we have had opportunities to go to work with him and help with construction cleaning and painting. Between my two oldest daughters and I, we have taken turns with who goes to work and who stays home to keep the house tidy and dinner prepared. Working together as a family has helped us to set some income aside to take a few trips this summer.

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On top of all that, I have my blogs and Pix-O-Sphere. With that comes many more hours of studying and researching for articles, moderating photos, creating new ideas to add to the development list, and much more. In between all of this we have the house to keep up on and the ministry to attend to. Someone should create a TV show featuring multi-tasking moms! There’s plenty of them out there.

Moms are fantastic people who juggle a lot. Many husbands work a full time job then come home to enjoy relaxing all night and he may mow the lawn on Saturdays, then lay in a hammock with some lemonade his wife squeezed fresh just for him. But a mom’s job is never done. She wakes up and starts the day with working at home, continues with everything she needs to do all day, cooks dinner, cleans it up, helps the kids with their homework, gets them bathed while folding laundry, tucks them in, then she becomes the love making goddess for her husband.

And people think a wife/mom doesn’t work?

We multi-task and we may not get it all done in one day, in fact I’m willing to bet no one gets it all done every day. Thank God for technology! We don’t have maidens to help with our farming, but we have the local grocer. We don’t have kitchen help, but we have GE dishwashers and microwaves. We don’t have a laundry crew, but we have Whirlpool washers and dryers. And the savvy moms train their children how to care for the home..not to make them into little slaves, but because they will have their own homes one day and they need to know how to take care of things on their own.

Since every family is unique with special needs of their own and customized schedules to keep life working smoothly, then why in the world are women trying to apply the “Mary/Martha” script to their lives? Sure, there is inspiration to be found there…a hard working sister who diligently cares for the home and the other who takes time to love her guests. But lets not get caught up on all the additional commandments of men thinking we will somehow become the best wife and mom ever if we follow some bullet list of do’s and do not’s.

We don’t have to ‘live’ in the 1800’s to be considered ‘good wives and moms’. We live in the 21st century. A modern wife and mom can be fabulous home managers and entrepreneurs at the same time. Some women may need to remain silent when her husband’s friends are around, but not every woman is required to hold her tongue. Women can express their thoughts in respectful ways and be quite good at managing an adult conversation. Sometimes the woman isn’t the best cook, but her husband is and he loves to be in the kitchen. Why should some stereotype tell him he can’t be in the kitchen? Even God commanded the men in the OT to be the ones who barbecued the meat for the families, complete with ‘frankensauce’. I read between the lines one day and figured God like his meat well done. All kidding aside, we need to be careful not to yoke ourselves up to someone’s interpretation of the Bible.

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Not one time does the Bible indicate that only women need to sweep the floor nor does it say that the men aren’t to be the cook of the family. Priscilla was an equal partner with her husband, Aquila, in their tent making business and they also ministered side by side as well. When times get tough, society makes changes in order to survive. There’s no way our family could have made it through the summer had we not all worked together as a team to make it work.

I’m not going to say that women should be at home, but I’m also not going to say that women can’t go to work outside the home. That is a personal decision every family needs to make for themselves. Each family does what it can to make it through and during these hard economic times, we pull together as a family to stay afloat.

If you’re a stay at home mom, find ways to help bring in some extra income. If I only took care of my home I would be bored out of my mind. It only takes about 2 hours (tops) to get my house clean. There are plenty of ways a wife and mom can help with the income of their family..even if it means that side income pays for the family to have some fun trips. Here are some ideas for moms to make a bit of extra cash:

Bake Desserts! The holidays are coming and this is a great way to earn some extra dough. Create a flyer to send around the the moms you know how work outside the home. They may be interested in spending a few extra bucks to have a fresh baked pie for their holiday guests.

House Cleaning: Spread the word around that you can do housecleaning for people. Just a few hours a week in a couple of homes can land you some extra cash.

Be a Party Planner: Some moms, who work outside the home, don’t have a lot of time to plan their kids’ birthday parties. This can be your opportunity to make some money planning it for them. Be available for the day of the party and serve them with gladness. She’ll be able to actually enjoy the day with her children and leave the work to you.

These are just a few of the things my own daughters and I have done to earn some extra funds when we have needed it.

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So embrace being a wife and mom in the 21st Century!
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