Monday Meet and Greet

Each Monday I’ll be hosting a link up to encourage ‘meet and greet’ among my friends. I don’t know about you, but I like making new friends.

Today, we’re going to link up BLOG LINKS. You can link up your MAIN URL or you can link up your ABOUT ME page. Each following week I’ll offer opportunities to share other links that are important for us to get to know you even better from Facebook pages, Twitter, and more. If you want to make new friends, enter your blog link and invite others to join us. Today we’re just breaking the ice.

Monday Meet and Greet is for new bloggers AND the ones who’ve been around a while and want to re-connect.

Tips on making new friends:

1. Be sure to visit some of the blogs listed in order for us to get the most out of the meet and greet.

2. The best way to break the ice is to share 3 things you’d like others to know about you. This is how people feel connected so be sure to share something that you think would inspire someone to become friends with you. So be sure to comment on this post today!

3. Find one category in their nav bar and find a recent post that catches your attention. Leave a genuine comment so the blogger knows you feel connected to their story.

And be sure to come back next week to join the Monday Meet and Greet for more social media tips on making new friends.

Do you want a community of omen to be a part of? Your very own Sister Hood? Read about it here.

Link up your MAIN URL or you can link up your ABOUT ME page.

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Get ready to dig deep

I’m in my fortieth year of life with my two youngest children still homeschooling. My second daughter is approaching graduation and pretty much works on her education alone, requiring very little instruction from me. When I first began homeschooling I was writing more about our curriculum than what I have done this last year. I feel my time of writing about homeschooling is coming to a close. I’ve been a member of the writing team at The Homeschool Post for a number of years and rarely have time to write there either. My work in social media at Pix-O-Sphere has taken precedence over my online time, as well as my work in ministry.

I believe in living an organic life of faith and I approach life from a perspective of freedom in Christ that is quite unconventional yet still very much centered in Him. So my social media articles here on my personal blog reflect my faith, while my articles at Pix-O-Sphere’s blog are more universal in nature. Relationships mean the world to me and my ministry and counseling studies have taught me an abundance of lessons that I’m incorporating into my social media philosophy.

Monday, December 10th Save the Date!

On this coming Monday (December 10th) I will begin a Monday Meet and Greet designed to inspire bloggers to dig deep and cultivate their online relationships.

I’ll start with:

A few tips on building a firm foundation for establishing online friendships through blogging.

Each Monday after that:

I’ll share more tips using various social media networks to build up a framework that you can use to keep the momentum going.

I’ll also be sharing:

Articles from other bloggers in the social media sphere that I believe to be the best around.

This series is designed for:

New bloggers or bloggers who want to get back to the basics and re-establish their foundation. You’ll also get a chance to link up and get more exposure to your blog.

I do hope you’ll join us and invite your friends as well.

I’ll continue to share my faith on this blog so if you’re interested in my personal growth, please stay with me. There’s a vast amount of experiences I’ve had as a wife and mom that I’ll be sharing more about in upcoming months. I’m also going to be writing for a new blog, especially designed by a close friend of mine, to encourage and equip other parents who have gone through some real serious battles in their parenting of teens. I’m on pins and needles about introducing this intense work to you.

You can subscribe to my blog via email or follow me on Facebook page for more updates.

In the meantime, here are some articles I’ve found this week that might be of interest to you.

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The HomeSpun Life

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Quick and Simple Tweet Tips

tweet tips by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

There are many ways to network your blog and Twitter is one of my favorites. For me, networking isn’t just about broadcasting my blog to the twitterverse, but about connecting with other women.

Join a Twitter party: If you already follow a popular hashtag you can utilize that stream to find the next Twitter party. For example, I follow the #hsbloggers stream since I’m a homeschool blogger. So I can tweet:

When’s the next Twitter party? #hsbloggers

Once you find out when the next parties are be sure to find out what they’re focused on and if it suits your niche. I enjoy a Thursday night Twitter party {#FMFParty} for Lisa-Jo’s 5 Minute Friday writing prompt. Each Thursday the ladies get together to chat for about an hour or so before the writing prompt gets published. I’ve met some sweet ladies through that Twitter party.

Use Hootsuite: by using Hootsuite, I can schedule some tweets for a few days ahead of time and not be bound to the computer. It’s the best way for me to manage my Twitter Community.

Don’t let Twitter drain your time: As much as I enjoy Twitter, I have to work on not letting it suck my time like a cyber vampire. When it comes to Twitter, I need to be a purposeful blogger.

Use the Paper Li: Paper Li is an awesome way to connect and broadcast. You can create a Paper Li specifically for your blog or for a hashtag you follow and have it broadcasted automatically to your Twitter feed.

Get on one of my Paper Li’s: I have two papers that I work on and you can get your twitter feed included by reading the details here.

Join the Pix-O-Sphere Paper Li: If you’re a mom who takes pictures you can get on Pix-O-Sphere’s Paper Li the #PhotoMoms Daily. Just give me a shout out on that Twitter account @pixosphere and I’ll add you in.

Making Friends via Twitter: It really just boils down to using some common Tweet ethics.

What tweet tips do you know of?